Bank Auto Loan or Dealership?

Auto dealers are very convenient. They provide everything – from securing the loan, handling the keys, and making sure you drive off with your brand new car. However, convenience comes with a price. Auto dealers are business owners not philanthropists so they bump up the interest rates.

Most people don’t realize that obtaining a car loan from your bank puts you in a better position since in this case, you are negotiating with cash. With the financing to back you up, you have better negotiating power, which lessens the dealer’s ability to make more money out of you.

To save money while obtaining an auto loan, here are some key factors to consider:

1. With a pre-approved car loan, you are showing you can afford the car, but you have a reasonable amount as your cut off thereby making dealers less dodgy and overpricing to ensure they make the sale.

2. Doing transactions with your bank means you will be dealing with a personal banker. This is more comfortable than dealing with an 800 number and a voice-automated system. This also means you get more hands on help if in case there are problems.

3. Banks also explain clearly the terms of the loan to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Unlike dealerships, banks are less inclined to make business proposition given that they want you to pay them back. In other words, if they approve your loan that means they know you have the right amount of loan for your present financial situation.

4. More importantly, working with a bank in advance allows you to put things in perspective. As mentioned earlier, banks will not allow you to borrow more money than you can pay. This means you will have a clearer budget and that you surely won’t overspend.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans are necessary when you find yourself in a debt and are not able to find any other way of borrowing money. The loan will have a high rate of interest and also involves a large risk for the lender.

bad credit loans


Here are some of the advantages of getting a bad credit loan:

  • Large Amounts: When you are borrowing, you will be able to get a larger amount of money and within a short span of time too. But when you are dealing with higher amounts, the interest imposed on the amount will also be subsequently high.
  • Good time to Start Improving Credit: The main reason for your difficulty in getting a loan would be the low credit report. However, if you start cleaning up your act and start taking the matter seriously by managing your finances efficiently, you will be able to see an improvement in your credit. This may take some time, but eventually, if you are dedicated to keeping a clean record, you will be able to get your good credit back within a matter of time.
  • Quick Approval: Because of the high-interest rates, you will be able to get your loan approved within no time while you have to wait for a long period of time in order to get a traditional loan.
  • Credit History: Lenders will most probably skip your credit history when you are applying for bad credit loan. Rather than your history, they will be more focused on how you will be able to pay off your loan in the future after you get it. Hence having a clear-cut plan on how you plan on paying it off will be fruitful.


Like any other loan, there are several disadvantages of getting a bad credit loan and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Hooked with Bad Lender: When you are taking a bad loan, you might not have the time to look into the credibility and trustworthiness of the lender. Hence this will result in you getting caught with some pretty bad lenders. Hence no matter the rush, make sure to choose a good lender so that you do not have to suffer throughout the repayment period.
  • High Interest Rates: The biggest and the most important drawback of getting bad credit loans would be the large interest rate that you will have to pay for the loan that is taken. This is especially the case if you have taken a payday loan. When you do not have a good credit report, lenders will pose a higher interest rate because of the risk that you carry when given the loan.

When you start putting off bills and taking more credit that you are allowed to, it will eventually lead to a bad credit score. This credit score will come to light only when you take a loan from a bank and if the score is very bad, you will have to look for third-party lenders to borrow the essential money.

Understanding the truth about payday loans

truth of payday loansSavings is the most essential thing for the life of every person and many of them don’t care of the savings and they spend everything for their luxurious lifestyle. Some of them have a habit of saving some money but they save only lesser amount which not helpful in the emergency situations. When there is a sudden health problem and you need to spend a lot of money for paying bills, the lower savings will not be helpful at that time. There is another way to manage this problem was getting immediately loan options.

When it comes to the loans, it is the common thought that you can’t get the immediate cash in hand and it will be the longest procedure. But there is an excellent type of loan called payday loan and you can get the money in the same day. When it comes to the payday loans, they are very helpful to help everyone in the emergency situation.

What is a pay day loan?

The pay day loan is actually the immediate short term loan but the borrowers have to pay some higher interest rate than the typical bank loans. But the bank loans include longer process and they will not be helpful for the emergency situations. This is why most of the borrowers are only looking for the short term pay day loans even it needs the higher interests. The concept of pay day loan has been designed by the lending companies especially to help those who are all in need of quick cash in the sudden emergency situation. The pay day loan is being the bridge between the paychecks of the borrowers when you need immediate cash. There are various names available for the pay day loans and they include,

  • Check advance loans
  • Cash advanced loans
  • Post dated check loans
  • Deferred deposit loans


There are various types of lending companies are available to provide the payday loans online basically with the equal terms of repayment on the next pay day, higher percentage of interest and with the bad credits.


Who are all using these payday loans?


Millions of people are using the payday loans and it gets hike every year according to their emergency financial needs.

  • When it comes to the common fact, the borrowers who don’t have access to the saving accounts and the credit cards are using a pay day loan lender to get the immediate cash for their emergency situations.
  • The people with the bad credit problems or no credit alternate their choice of applying for the loan to the pay day loan types to get quick money without any restrictions.
  • According to the latest survey, the following are the most common facts which insist the people to get the pay day loans.
  • Those who are all renters
  • The people without 4 year college degree
  • Earn less than 40,000 dollars per year
  • Those divorced or separated
  • African-Americans

For all kinds of borrowers, the lenders are always ready to give pay day loans for emergency needs.


The most recommended payday loan online

recommended payday loansMany people in our time are eager to be aware of the most outstanding methods for enhancing different aspects of their routine life. They search for the most suitable loans from leading lenders online with an objective to solve their financial problems on the whole. If they have focused on pros and cons of each genre of online loans from well-known financial companies, then they can make an informed decision and choose the right loan online.  All clients of the most reputable financial companies these days reap loads of benefits from payday loans online. They qualify for this loan soon after they have submitted a simple application form online. They receive the most expected money in their bank account and do not get any restriction about how to spend money from the payday loan.

As a sufferer of any kind of financial problem in our time, you can listen to leading factors associated with the financial support and services from every reputable company. This is worthwhile to apply for the payday loan whenever you need the prompt financial assistance online. Once you have submitted the payday loan application online, you can get the prompt assistance and the most expected money in the bank account within a few couple of minutes. You do not have to wait for more than a few days for the payday loan online appraisal process. This is because an instant loan appraisal facility online in our time. As compared to applying a traditional bank loan and unable to get the financial assistance on time, you can apply for a payday loan online and solve your financial problems almost immediately.

Many people who require money for medical emergency, loan repayment, vehicle repair, home renovation, insurance premium or any other valuable purpose these days focus on online payday loans at leading financial companies. They have geared up for submitting the payday loan application and qualifying for the most suitable loan. If they pay attention to different aspects of every payday loan online from the most reliable company, then they can identify the overall benefits from this loan in detail. They have to discuss with specialists in this genre of online loans and decide on the most appropriate loan on time.

Sufferers of the cycle of debt these days seek how to overcome this very difficult situation. They have begun focusing on the most outstanding loans specially designed for supporting everyone who seeks an immediate financial aid online. They like to apply for the payday loan online and get the absolute assistance to solve their financial problem. The most competitive interest rates and flexible repayment facilities enhance the overall popularity of payday loan online. You do not have to be worried about the interest rate and repayment issues when you have an idea to apply for the payday loan online.  In general, every payday loan has no restrictions. Borrowers of the payday loan can use money for any purpose.  You will get loads of benefits from the best in class payday loan.

Why You Don’t NEED a Credit Score

Our society has been spoon fed the myth that the FICO score is king. We work, we pay bills on time, we are slave to the almighty credit score. Every time we turn around, someone wants to sell us credit or help us improve our scores. We are told from a very early age that we must establish credit by opening credit cards and using them repeatedly. We are led to believe that debt is a tool to help us build wealth. But it is all a myth. We don’t NEED credit scores. In fact, by trying to obtain a good credit rating, we are setting ourselves up for failure, or at the very least, for a lifetime of debt.

College students are inundated with credit offers to “help” them get started in the “real world”. They are given limits that far exceed what they are even able to pay while going to school full time. Many of them do not even have jobs with which to earn the money to repay their creditors! Add to this student loans, and most young adults start off in the real world with a stack of bills that they struggle to pay with their entry level jobs. In fact, a large number of people that file for bankruptcy each year are college students. But this fact doesn’t stop these credit mongers for chasing their prey or feeding lies to these impressionable young people.

Most people would agree that we don’t NEED credit cards. Sure, they are nice to have, but we could get by paying for the smaller things with cash. But what about a car? Everyone needs credit to get a car loan, right? The fact is, we as Americans are obsessed with our cars. Where else in the world will you find a couple on the verge of financial ruin, struggling to pay their bills, with two new cars sitting in their driveway? I say save up the cash! Buy a car outright-it will save you thousands in interest over the years and you will not be saddled with the monthly payments. There really are some nice, inexpensive used cars out there and if you have no other payments, it really won’t take that long to save up enough for a used car. And here’s the good news: you aren’t married to your car! It is not a lifetime purchase! Most vehicles reach a certain point where their depreciation virtually stops, or at least slows down to a snail’s pace. If you buy a cheap used car and continue to save money, chances are you can sell it six months to a year later and get about what you paid for it. Add that to your savings and get a nicer car without ever owing the bank a dime!

On to the next myth, the biggest one of all: the home mortgage. We have been raised to believe that we will never be able to own a home without a good credit score. While the truth is, you can buy a home with no credit at all. Welcome to the world of manual underwriting. This is the way that our grandparents bought their homes, in a world before we went into debt to buy every little thing our hearts desire. There are still many banks and credit unions that do manual underwriting. This is a little more work for the bank, because it is much easier to just look at a score and say “yes” or “no”, but it still can be easily done. First they will look at your employment history, to see how long you have been at your job. Two years or more is a big plus. Then they will check with your landlord to see if you have been paying rent on time, or even early. They will also check with your utilities companies to make sure your bills are current and are paid on time. The final things they will check are your bank account balance and history and how much of a downpayment you have. The larger the downpayment the better, because this means less risk for them to loan you the money, but it is also helpful to save a nice sized savings account that you can fall back on if you are faced with a crisis. Once they determine these things you are on your way to owning a home!

It may take some will and determination to be different than the average Joe. But imagine the possibilities that would open up to you if you had no payments. Imagine what you could do with your income if you got to keep it. Don’t fall for the creditors’ myths. They are trying to take your money!


Loans Guidance

Loans GuidanceIf you are applying for a loan for whatever reason you have, you need to finalize every detail. You need to know the technicalities when applying for a loan from a bank. There are different banks that can offer you the loan that you need. There are some who approves everyone and there are some that offers loans with bad credit. You just need to look for the loan that will satisfy your needs.

There are different kinds of loans. There are house loans, car loans, emergency loans, and others. You must know which loan you will avail specifically for what you need. You can research for the type of loans available and you will be able to know their difference with each other. There are banks that do not offer specific loans so you can depend on the bank that you are going to choose to the loan that you will avail or you can depend on the type of loan that you will avail to the bank that you will choose.

Each type of loans has different requirements that you must fulfill. Some of the banks are strict when it comes to their requirements but some would just need the basic requirements like the age and income. Most of the banks would only require you to be 18 years old and above. Also, there must be a stable income

Not everyone is accepted to take the loan. After you pass the requirements needed, you are still not sure if the loan will be approved. The bank needs to check everything. However, only a few people are not accepted to take the loan. There are cases where loans with bad credit were given to people. Since the credit history is important, the bank also checks it. However, it is not a big think that the bank focuses on.

7 Tips For Saving Gas And Money

7 Tips For Saving Gas And Cash

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The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that Americans drive an average of 29 miles each day, and spend practically 60 minutes a day in their automobiles. With the cost of gas at the pumps increasing, it simply makes good sense to do everything you can to save your hard-earned money. It does not seem like gas costs will go back to ‘normal’ whenever soon. You require all the ammunition you can get to fight back; here are 7 pointers to assist.

1. Some credit cards are providing excellent gas savings. It works the same method that regular flyer miles do- you get a bonus offer whenever you fill up. You’re going to fill anyhow, so make the most of the perk!

2. Join the ‘club’. Gasoline station are beginning to provide fantastic, cash saving membership programs. Some grocery and department stores are likewise providing big discount rates at the gas pump when you use their shop card. It’s worth exploring.

3. Routine tune-ups and oil changes will save you gas in the long run.

4. Take a look at gas rates on the web. There are sites that will let you discover the very best offers on gas in your aspect, without having to drive around trying to find them.

5. If you remain in the market for a new vehicle, have a look at the hybrid designs. Not only will you save money on gas, however you will also be eligible for fantastic tax rebates from both the state and federal government.

6. Utilize the most inexpensive gas possible. The majority of modern vehicles run simply as well on routine unleaded as on the more pricey premium gas.

7. Turn off the a/c unit. Running the air conditioning makes your automobile’s engine work harder, causing it to burn more gas.

Use these pointers to squeeze the most miles from each gallon of gas, and start conserving cash at the gas pumps today.